Monday, September 06, 2010

Countdown to the Commonwealth Games

September 24th

The back is still very sore which is so frustrating. I had another cortisone injection today guided with a CT scan, so hopefully the injection hit the perfect spot and will keep me relatively pain free for the Commonwealth Games.

I have been doing more and more at training but I still haven't done quite a few of my dives, which again is really frustrating.

More exciting news is that I got my uniform today! It all looks good, the only problem is that my formal uniform is too big, hopefully I can get that swapped in India.

I fly out on Wednesday, spend a few days training in China and then it's off to India.

September 1st

So it’s not been a good last few weeks as I have hurt my lower back. After many trips to the physio without much improvement it was off to the doctor. I had an MRI and was diagnosed with Baastrup's syndrome, otherwise known as ‘Kissing Spine’.

The definition of Baastrup's syndrome is close approximation and contact of adjacent spinous processes with resultant enlargement, flattening, and reactive sclerosis of apposing interspinous surfaces. Baastrup's syndrome is associated with back pain and degenerative diseases of the spine.

I had a corticosteroid injection with ultrasound. It is injected deep into the area of pain and forms a nerve block. The radiologist said cross your fingers and hope for the best – yikes! So I'll keep on the anti-inflams, physio, massage, back brace and ice, and hopefully I can get through the next few weeks.