Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Bree has been up to of late!

Well it's been a few months since World Series was over, and it's time for a new post. For the past few weeks I have been writing a blog for Yahoo 7, in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics, here is the link

The week after we got back for World Series we were off to China (again!) for an AIS training camp in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is on mainland China, but it a short drive from Hong Kong. It was a big group of us travelling to Shenzhen - Hui, Ming, Andrew, Graeme, Scott, Robert, Peter, Chantelle, Loudy, Natasha, Olivia, Melissa, Sharleen and me! The pool and dryland were good, but it was really hot!!

Andrew had a good time, making us do lots of strength - even poking us with his big stick, and making us do ice baths every day! Scott, Melissa and me getting hypothermia!!

We had a day of shopping in Hong Kong, it was hot and crowded, but at least I didn't lose my wallet like I did in April.
Here we are hanging out in Qantas Club in Sydney, enjoying a game of uno, after we missed our flight back to Brisbane.

On October the 25th I flew down to Melbourne for the Victorian Sports Awards. I was nominated for Victorian Female Athlete of the Year. There were seven nominees in the category, then I was announced as one of three finalists along with Penny Taylor - part of the World Champion Opals basketball team and eventual winner, also Katie Maitcer - world class cyclist, so I was in good company, and it was an honour just to be a finalist!

I have had a few competitions lately, first was the Queensland State Championships. I competed in four events: 3rd on 3m, 2nd on 10m and 1st in both synchro events.

Then it was off to Adelaide in late November to compete in the South Australian State Championships. Here I did three events: 2nd on 3m, 2nd on 10m synchro (it was a frustrating competition, but will be great at nationals!) and 1st 3m synchro.

I flew down to Melbourne on Sunday the 23rd of December, so I could have Christmas with the family. It was great to catch up with mum, dad and Sian. We had a great Christmas lunch at a resturant called Citrus in Beaumaris.
While I was down in Melbourne I decided it was time to cash in my 5 cent coin collection. Over the past 9 years I have collected and received donations of 5 cent coins. I had to put them in $5 bags, which took quite a while as I had $160 in 5 cent coins, which was 3200 coins, which weighed 10 kilograms!!