Saturday, June 10, 2006

Diving Updates: FINA World Rankings and I'm on Wikipedia and Injuries

I was recently looking on the FINA website and I was surprised and excited to find out high I am on the FINA World Rankings. The rankings are determined by a points system, over a 12 month period each diver’s 4 best results are added and divided by 4. This average determines the ranking of a diver. Below are the two tables taken from the FINA website, of the rankings of the top 10 women and synchro teams on the 3 metre springboard.
In the women's 3m rankings I'm equal 7th, which is a really exciting result as 2005 was my first full year in the World diving circuit. Hopefully I will be able to improve on my 7th place ranking in the future.


Yes! Sharleen and me are on Wikipedia. Well I guess that was cause I posted our photo there! Not long ago I was looking up Diving on Wikipedia and noticed that there was no photo under the Synchronised Diving section. So I took it upon myself to post the best synchro photo I had (which was of course of Sharleen and me). I also posted a great title to go along with it.

July to November Update
On the 10th of July I injured my right elbow, which was just 3 days prior to departing for China for the World Cup competition. I had another training accident, where I landed head first into the foam pit instead of landing on my feet. I had my right arm stretched out to break the fall, and as I landed my right elbow took all of the impact. The diagnoses of my elbow was:

  • Complete disruption of the Medial Collateral Ligament (anterior and posterior)
  • Lateral tear in Ulna Collateral Ligament
  • Partial tear in Brachialis Muscular Tendinous Junction
  • Interstitial injury of Pronator Teres
  • Impact Fracture in Dorsal Cortex of Capitellum
  • Bone bruising with minor impaction fraction in the Radial Head and Neck

I had a very big and uncomfortable and unusual brace made for me, that I had to wear for 5 weeks.
So that ruled me out of the World Cup meet in China, which was very disappointing and hard to deal with. The good news for me was that I was able to start work sooner. So on the 20th of July I started work as the new Physical Education teacher at a local primary school, where I teach every one of the 250 students in the school!
In early August I went down to Melbourne for four fantastic days. Dad and I went to the footy at the MCG to see the Western Bulldogs triumphant against the Richmond Tigers! I caught up with lots of people and had great fun doing it all. I went shopping with Sian and mum at Chadstone which was great fun too, there is a great new chocolate shop. Check out the chocolate mousse martinis - Yum!!

By mid August I was back training. Starting with jumps and basic dryland skills. By the end of September I was going basic dives off 5m, some 3m dives and everything in dryland (land saults, dry board, pit board).
Over September and October I added 3m optional dives, 5m lead ups, 10m dives - 103B, 301B, 401B, 107B, 407C, 5253D. The 10m was really scary as I hadn't done it in over 4 years! I also started some basic synchro dives with Melissa.
Tore my left triceps in November, that set me back a few weeks on platform. It took about a month to be 100% again.