Thursday, June 26, 2008

Olympic Countdown - 36 days

With only 36 days till the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympic, the countdown is definately on! We depart for Beijing in early August, and I can't wait. My dad and sister will be coming to Beijing to cheer me on, which will be awesome.

On the 27th of May I was announced as a member of the Australian Olympic Diving Team. The team includes: Alex Croak, Mathew Helm, Matthew Mitcham, Chantelle Newbery, Robert Newberry, Scott Robertson, Sharleen Stratton, Melissa Wu and me. Hui Tong, Xiangning Chen and Chava Sobrino will be the coaches.
The Beijing Olympics will be my first Olympics and I can’t wait for the Olympics to begin. I will be competiting in my two favourite events: Women's 3m Synchronised with Sharleen Stratton and the Women's 10m Synchronised with Melissa Wu.