Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beijing Highlights and Olympic Events

As I finished competing on the 12th of August i had lots of time to get out and see other Olympic events. I went to see Men's Gymnastics, I went to cheer on Ben Wilden in the Trampolining, Women's Waterpolo - Australia Vs China, Synchronised Swimming and Athletics - to see the Men's 100m Final! It was great to get out and see other events and soak up the Olympics.

As I finished competition early on, I was also lucky enough to get out and see the sights of Beijing. Channel 7 took Melissa, Scott, Sharleen and me to the Great Wall of China. It was a beautiful day in Beijing and it was very crowded on the wall. We caught the chairlift up and the toboggan ride down.

Yahoo 7 took me to the Beijing Zoo, it was lovely to see pandas and the very cute golden monkeys. Click on the link to watch my visit to the Beijing Zoo with the Fanatic from Yahoo 7.

I caught the bus with lots of other Aussie medallists to do a channel 9 show at the Heavenly Temple. It was a rainy day but still great to see the beautiful buildings of the Heavenly Temple. Its me in the golf cart with Liesl Jones and Anna Meares, and out the front of the Heavenly Temple with Emma Moffat - who got bronze in the Triathlon.

The day after winning the Silver medal i did lots and lots of media, including an early start of 4am, so i could do Sunrise and the Today show. The best fun was doing the Hamish and Andy show! I got to play tunes on my silver medal with a chopstick and my new name was 'tube home basket'