Sunday, August 03, 2008

Off to Beijing

Today I’m off to Beijing along with the rest of the Australian Diving team. I can’t wait to get over to Beijing, move into the Olympic village, get my Australian Uniform and get into the Olympic atmosphere.
As this is my first Olympics, as you can imagine I’m super excited and also quite nervous. There have been so many messages from people wishing me all the best, which has been awesome.
Last Friday I received my accreditation, which is very important, as it lets me into the Village, the sport venues and the dining hall. I also received my first piece of uniform which is the travel top. The Olympics are starting to feel real now.
My Olympic program is on the 10th of August I’ll compete in the Women's 3m Synchronised with Sharleen Stratton at 1:30pm Beijing time (or 3:30pm Eastern Standard time), my next event is on the 12th of August it’s the Women's 10m Synchronised with Melissa Wu, again it’s on at 1:30pm Beijing time (or 3:30pm Eastern Standard time). Then I’m all done competing and be able to let my hair down a little and hopefully I will be able to enjoy the Olympic experience.