Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Diving World Series - Doha, Qatar and Changzhou, China

We arrived in Doha and went to the hotel, dropped our bags off and then went camel riding and sand duning - a great way to recover from jet-lag! We had an awesome day, it was so different to anything I had ever done before.
Qatar was such a different place, but I really enjoyed my stay there. The pool was great, so too was the hotel and the food was delicious. There was a shopping centre near the pool called Villagio, it was incredible. It has an Olympic size ice skating rink, also a canal where you can go on a gondola ride. The shops at Villagio include: Prada, D&G, Tiffany, Valentino, Cartier, etc.
Ben and Nick from Great Britian both got Olympic tattoos too, so we all got a photo together!
Unfortunately I didn't compete too well. Sharleen and I came 4th, Melissa and I came 3rd.

We arrived in Shanghai and drove to Changzhou, which was 3 hours by car. It was quite cold in China, a bit of a shock to the system after coming from the desert in Qatar. Both the hotel and pool were great. The hotel was next door to Dinosaur land which looked like fun!
Sharleen and I competed on the first day in Women's 3m synchro -  we dove much better (but with plently of room for improvement) to come 2nd. We were presented with a wooden plaque (instead of a medal) and a minicooker as the sponsor of the meet was Midea. 
The next day was 10m synchro with Melissa, we also dove much better (again still with lots of room for improvement), we also came 2nd and we were presented with our wooden plaque and a flatbread cooker (like a pancake press thingy).